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We are lovers of good wine, fascinated by its traditional elaboration and discoverers of jewels that we show you to share the pleasure of a good glass of wine.
We love tasting wines where they are produced and learning about the history behind each vineyard.
Our favorites are the small vineyards with a traditional, sustainable and ecological production process.


We plan trips around Spain.
We travel through the Spanish wine regions enjoying the passages to reach wineries run mostly by families that generation after generation have cultivated vineyards and produced wines often for 1000 years or more.


Have a good time enjoying the beauty of the environment surrounded by nature, walking through the vineyards, through old towns with historical centers that transport you back in time giving inner peace. Everything is completed with an accompanying wine tasting and tapas tasting.


Its easy, just enter your information below.

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We will mail you the latest wine news once in a while.

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Our Office

We, unfortunately, do not have an I Love Great Wines winery (bodega) yet, it’s our dream, so hopefully… one day.

From our physical address, we prepare all that is needed to make our finding visible for you on the web and to send out the ordered wines.
If you would like to contact us than the best way to do so is to e-mail us or use the form on the left-hand side. You can also phone, below you find all the needed information, we are at your service between 09:00 and 18:00 hours (CET).

We speak Spanish, English, Dutch, and German.

I Love Great Wines is part of Scarab Lounge S.L. family


Calle Concepción, 6

08340 Vilassar de Mar

Barcelona, Maresme, Catalonia, España (Spain)

Mail: info@ilovegreatwines.com

Telephone: (+34) 665250265

WhatsApp: (+34) 665250265

Who are we, About us: Spanish Wine Specialist. Our favorites are the small vineyards with a traditional, sustainable and ecological production process

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